Yellow Cup Coffee
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Yellow Cup Coffee was founded in December 2013 with a vision to share Happiness in a Cup within the heart of the Central Business District of Singapore. Like Sunshine in cloudy days, the bright Cheery Yellow was chosen to constantly remind us of happiness . The goal to brighten one’s day by serving great cup of coffee led to the calling of the quest to brew the perfect cup.

Membership Plans
  • $320.00 / Annual (from date subscribed) Coffee Subscription
    What you will expect?

    1) Freshly Roasted Coffee 1 Week before Delivery
    2) Delivery of Fresh Coffee once every 2 weeks
    3) In total, you will get 24 bags annually.

    choice of Various SIngle Origins
    1) Guatemala SHB Roble
    2) Colombia Excelso Organic
    3) Java Arabica G1
    4) Ethiopia Sidamo

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